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Our Team

Interim Prevention Manager

Chaw-win-is sitting at the office with computer in the background that says "Rhizome," the name of the youth social action team

Greetings everyone! My name is Chaw-win-is and I am a member of both Tla-o-qui-aht andCheklesaht nations of the Nuu-chah-nulth people on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. I am honoured to be able to continue this important work in my role as Interim Prevention Manager. My efforts here in this role will be focused on maintaining the strong foundation that has already been established and to bring some of my own unique strengths and perspectives to this work. I have been working and organizing around the issue of sexualized violence since 2006 where 15 of us Nuu-chah-nulth women and men organized a march to address the issue of internalized sexualized violence in Nuu-chah-nulth communities. To read more about this community event check out the article in special edition of the New Socialist Magazine, with Indigenous editors Dr. Taiaiake Alfred and Dr. Glen Coulthard.

Activism, organizing and the roles and responsibilities I carry within my family and communities extends outwards and are woven into the way I choose to face the on-going realities that colonialism impacts the very  bodies and lands of Indigenous peoples, communities and territories, with a particular focus and commitment to this island. The ancestors of this land, their collective efforts and the youth that drive change as well have made it possible for me to continue this work. Anything I have done or may do well or correct is thanks to their guidance, teachings and support.

Prevention Coordinator

Alyx MacAdams


Auxiliary Prevention Educators

Mati Davydiuk
Kingsley Strudwick
Isaac Rosenberg
Anna McClean

Find out more about the Rhizome Youth Social Action Team here!


Project Respect has continually evolved and deepened its commitment to ending sexualized violence because of the contributions of previous team members: Scott Carlson, Tracey Proverbs, Megan Quigley, Alex Filippelli, Dean Mang-Wooley, quetzo herejk, Letitia Annamalai, Nishad Khanna, Yuka Kurokawa, Jenn Spilsted, Vince Terstappen, Whitney Archer, Tyler Mordan, Gordon O’connor, David Boffa, Billy Bingaman, Soumya Natarajan, Annie Banks, Paulina Hakkarainen, Susanna Guardado, Tuval Dinner, Jenny Matthews, Romina Miranda, Heidi Exner, and many others!

Thank you to our past and present Project Respect team of educators and volunteers for their time, skills, and commitment to preventing sexualized violence!

We love hearing back from our family. Contact us if you have volunteered or worked with Project Respect and stay in touch!

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