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Welcome to Project Respect!

Project Respect is a group of youth and adults who work together to create awareness and dialogue around the issue of sexualized violence by encouraging critical thinking about its root causes – gender expectations and stereotypes, imbalances and abuses of power, and the ongoing colonization of the lands and the systems we live in. It is in this spirit of respect that we acknowledge that this is unceded Lkwungen territory.

Everyone has a Right to Sexuality Without Violence

Sexualized violence is a reality in the lives of too many teens. We want to create a world where sexualized violence doesn’t happen – a world where people are free to engage in healthy, safe, and diverse relationships that are based on respect.

On our website, you’ll find out tons about Project Respect, including: our approach to anti-violence work; information about our programming and community action projects; elements of our curriculum; and additional resources. We’d love to hear your feedback on the content of this site as well – let us know which parts were helpful/totally awesome, what we could improve on, and/or what other resources you’ve seen that you’ve found useful. We’re always growing and changing, and your input can shape how Project Respect will evolve in the future!

Join the Respect Revolution!

Most of our content is geared to youth ages 12 and up – we also have links for anyone who may be looking for support and healing after surviving an assault. We encourage adults to browse this site and talk to youth and other adults in their lives about taking responsibility to end sexualized violence.

Find out more about us!

On behalf of Project Reclaim and Project Respect, We would like to thank all the ones that participated in our workshop last Friday so far the best turn out we’ve had all summer, and I feel like it was a very important thing to learn in our community. In the workshop we talked about sexual […]
Many of you know that Project Reclaim has been working in the Saanich reserve. Doing land restoration work and, working with youth from the community, in the beginning of August we had a couple events focusing on getting kids from HELEMITE involved as we got the kids to help plant and transplant flowers, raspberries, strawberries, and kale. The event […]
It’s that time of year again! Time to think about how to ensure school spaces are as awesome as they can be, and to gather with our peers to help make our communities safer and more consensual! … well… maybe it’s always time for the second one… A huge part of Project Respect is doing workshops […]