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I Am Only Myself

By Kim, age 17

I am only myself, my own person, a completely unique individual. I am nobody’s pawn to play with as they like, nobody’s puppet to control however they choose. I am worthy of respect, love and kindness just for who I am. I do not have to give my body in order to gain any kind of approval. I am acceptable exactly as I stand here before you, differences, flaws and all. This is me, I am only myself.

I am more than me weight, more than my friends, more than my clothes, more than my body. I am more than you think or say I am. I am more than the surface you perceive. Hidden deep is a someone you can’t always see past your own judgments. I am someone too, like you, but I am only myself.

Who I am and what I stand for is completely justified, I don’t need your permission to be exactly who I am. There is no need to change or conform to anyone’s ideas. I am free to break the mold in this cookie-cutter world, I am free to be me. The clothes I wear, the attitude I possess, the music I hear, the words I speak are all apart of who I am, I am only myself.

Diversity is who I am, my choice. Respect is my right, what we both should give. My beliefs and views are substantial and not subject to your correction or question. I do not have to be who or what you want me to be, I am only myself.

I am proud of the person I am, I am secure with the image that I recognize as me. I accept my strengths, my weaknesses, talents, flaws and attributes. I am no better or worse than anyone else. Nobody’s perception of me has to become my reality. I am only who I want to be, I am only myself.

Judge me, label me, stereotype what and who you see. Categorize me, love me, hate me, be with or without me. See what you wish, believe what you want, I am only myself.

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