Wake Up Call

By Kristy

You said it wouldn’t hurt,
But I still feel the pain.
You told me I would love it,
But how come I didn’t?
You told me everyone does it,
But why do I feel alone?
You said you were just joking,
But how come it feels like you aren’t?
But things have changed now
You said right this instant,
And I said no.
You layed a hand on me,
And I pushed it away.
You spread rumors about me,
And your face is what I slapped.
You tried to force your friends on me,
But I won’t be used like that.
I used to be insecure,
But now I have the courage.
I used to do what you told me,
But not anymore.
Since then I’ve changed and realized
That you were the one I shouldn’t have fell for.

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