Mikayla lying on lube and condoms. Caption: "Wet dreams be like".

Intro to Mikayla

Hey, I’m new!

To like, everything here, but I’ve been working through different youth groups that are a part of VSAC for some time, so I know some of the billion things there are to know.

My name is Mikayla, I am an actual employee here, at VSAC, I’m a Youth Community Developer. I am 16, grade 12 (yes, I am excited to graduate), I am a Euro-Canadian/American settler living on the unceded territories of the Songhees people. in the past 4ish years I have participated through Project Respect, Rhizome Youth in Action, as both a participant and facilitator. I have helped facilitate one of the Shift Programs at Bayside Middle School, co- facilitated numerous Top Left projects events and camps here and gone to Ontario thrice for conferences.

At home I have my love of my life, my two kitties and stink dog. Also my family lives there.

But besides that, I love to write and talk in public (I know it’s kinda weird), I love laughing at horoscopes, and eat at weird buffets. I’m excited to be here, and probably will never leave.

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