What the Project Respect team has been up to this week! by Addie.

This week has been full of adventure and brainstorming. Getting to know Kim, Rebecca and Sage has been a delight. In the beginning of the week we attended a “Youth and Food Security” event at the Quadra Village Community Centre where we had the chance to explore our own ideas and share them with others through creative group activities.

I also learned how to write and upload blogs, which is still pretty fresh in my mind. This blog is my second! I’ve been getting used to the office and I’m beginning to become very comfortable in this wonderful space. We were able to attend one blog meeting and one monthly meeting which were both VERY new to me. I just observed, listened and took as many notes as I could! It’ll take a bit to get used to.

Pkols pic

On Thursday we went for a hike to PKOLS to get in touch with this beautiful gift called nature. It was a good day for a hike but not going to lie it was strenuous, however; standing along side the green leafy giants reminded me how important it is just to relax and breathe and not worry about the daily stresses life brings us. I so easily get caught worrying about this and that, running around like a frantic maniac, during this I forget the forest remains calm. The trees just grow the birds fly freely. Nothing moves except the rustle from wind and the animals that only focus on survival. There is no rules, expectations or interruptions in the forest, it just is how it is without chaos at all and that thought gives me comfort.

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