Interested in having a workshop at your school or community group?

It’s that time of year again! Time to think about how to ensure school spaces are as awesome as they can be, and to gather with our peers to help make our communities safer and more consensual! … well… maybe it’s always time for the second one…

A huge part of Project Respect is doing workshops in classrooms, and with groups of youth or folks who hang out with or parent youth. We have an amazing auxiliary team who cater our two-part workshops especially to your group’s needs, to address issues coming up in your community, or to support the continued growth of respectful, awesome relationships! Our workshops are catered to folks 12-21 years old, but are also for people of any age who care about and want to be great role models for younger people in our communities. We often give workshops to whole grades of schools, to help facilitate the cultural shifts needed to really undo the root causes of sexualized violence, but also often do one classroom at a time.

Do you want Project Respect to come do a workshop at your school?

If you’re a student, feel free to contact me, Kim, and we can work through how to have that happen. If you have a teacher, counsellor, other adult, other group of youth at your school who you think would want to help put it on, let’s all be in touch!

If you’re a teacher, counsellor, or other staff at a school, please contact me, Kim to find out more about our workshops and when we’re scheduling. If you’re looking for a workshop catered to the adult at your school, please be in touch and let’s figure out if what we have to offer is what you’re looking for!

Do you want to creatively organize with other young people outside of school?

Project Respect is also home to amazing youth doing work within their own communities, learning organizing skills, and taking part in creative social action projects. If you are a part of a group of young folks who want to be supported by Project Respect to do creative social action around undoing the root causes of sexualized and gender-based violence, do be in touch and let’s get organizing! Check out our blog to find out about what folks have done with Project Respect, past and present!

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