Brand identity

Our logo has two formats. One with the web URL as a tagline which is rectangular. A second version is square and is just the icon and name.

Project Respect logo icon

Each pair of logos comes with different colours.

And each logo comes in different file formats. There are .JPG and .PNG formats for web and small print (two or three inches maximum). And there are .EPS, .AI, and .PDF formats which are vector diagrams, and are high resolution for use by designers and advertisers, and for large format and high resolution projects.

Yellow logo

Nighttime100 100 000 064
Peach000 061 063 000
Golden pear000 023 064 000
Project Respect logo,

Black and white logo

Project Respect logo, black and white,

Peach logo

Project Respect logo, peach,

Peach logo

Project Respect logo, grape,
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