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Current projects

There are lots of ways to get involved in our current projects.

Safer Spaces Project

Youth-led Workshops for Teachers and Youth Service Providers

This past year, the Rhizome team developed and facilitated workshops for educators, school administration and youth service providers! These workshops use discussion, role plays, multimedia resources and other exercises to create a space for adults who work with youth to learn how to challenge gender stereotypes, and to develop the knowledge and language to be active bystanders and create safe and inclusive environments.  Over the summer we’ll be tweaking the curriculum, training more youth to facilitate the workshops, and getting ready to do many more of these workshops over the coming school year!

Top Left

“Top Left” is about engaging those who identify as young men and boys (with the support and partnership of all genders of youth) in discussing, addressing, and taking action on issues related to gender-based violence. “Top Left” is happening in four communities across Turtle Island (aka: Canada), including here on Coast and Straits Salish Territories (Victoria) .There are three main pieces of this project: A youth-driven event that will be organized and delivered by young people in our local community (this could be you!), the national Unite and Ignite Conference in March 2014, where some youth from Victoria involved in Top Left will get to go to Ottawa to meet with Top Left youth from across the country (this could also be you!), and local Community Action Projects throughout 2014 led by the Top Left team. This project is just starting so it’s a great time to get involved!


Youth Driven School-Based Project

Rhizome youth and Project Respect adult staff will work together this summer to create a series of participatory workshops that youth-adult teams will facilitate with youth at Bayside Middle School and Pacific Secondary School. The workshops will address topics like gender-based violence, body image, consent & relationships, creating social change and much much more! Join us and have fun learning how to create and facilitate peer workshops – you get to help decide what is important for young people to learn when it comes to sexuality, relationships and sex!!!


Hollaback! Victoria, BC is an online space for people to share their stories of street harassment and join the movement to end street harassment backed by a network of activists around the world.  We work together to better understand street harassment, to ignite public conversations, and to develop innovative strategies to ensure equal access to public spaces. This year summer we are hoping to plan some events/fundraisers and think up some innovative ways to get out in the community. Ideas that have come up include guerilla theatre, sticker campaigns and chalk walks. Help us do this awesome work!

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