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The Food Justice Project!

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Food Justice is a youth-led social action project where youth from across Mittuni (Victoria) will meet up once a month to explore the connections between food justice, sexualized violence and colonization through preparing and canning salmon using cultural protocols and practices, cooking, discussions, and visits visits to community organizations and gardens.

Our goal is to provide a safer space in which youth from diverse communities can learn about colonialism and its impacts on food systems, land, and bodies from the peoples of these territories.


What is Food Justice?

Food justice is a way to understand food and land through an anti-oppression and de-colonial lens.

We hope to address the issues many face such as restricted access to food, lack of opportunity for traditional cooking and harvesting practices, and the underlying philosophy of food as medicine.

About Our Project

In Year 1 (winter and spring 2016), we will meet monthly to visit local organizations, farms or communities that are organizing around food justice, or meet up to cook together and discuss the relationship between colonialism, food justice, sexualized violence and gender-based violence. This includes canning salmon, participating in a pit cook, visiting local community gardens, and/or doing a decolonial walking tour of these territories

In Year 2 (fall 2016-spring 2017), you will develop social action projects for your school and community. We could write a cookbook based on what was learned the year before, make a zine full of info about local food that can be found in the community, create a workshop for our communities, or something else!

Get Involved!

Who? All youth ages 12-21 of any gender

When? The project is getting started Summer 2016. Stayed tuned for our events throughout the summer, and for our Summer Day Camp August 17-19!

Where? Depends on the activity. Transportation from the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre to the sites will be provided.

Cost? FREE to attend! Food will be provided!

Get involved