Contributions by Youth

All He Did Was Ask – by Lindsay
by Lindsay, age 17 He looked me in the eyes, And brushed my hair out of my face From the way he touched my skin I knew where this was going. I’d been in this situation before: Other guys, another… read more

Love At First Sight – by Angelo
It was love at first sight. I was totally convinced! The hottest guy I’ve ever seen. I knew it just had to work. Everyone knows that feeling when you just know, well I just knew… read more

Lost – by Ling
by Ling, age 17 read more

Unnamed – by Lissa
I am aware I’ve been taught I now know what to do I will not be silenced or keep silent I will teach my learnings to others I know and have the faith that I I am able to make a change… read more

True Story – Anonymous
By, Anonymous, age 17 This is a true story about something that happened to me and my friends when I was 14. I want to share it to help other people stay safe from this kind of situation… read more

Words To The Beat – by Arithmetic
words to the beat by arithmetic (aka Brandon, age 17) time to rip it can’t get timed respect crew pushes it to the limit. read more

Wake Up Call – Kristy
Wake Up Call
read more

The Power Of Respect – Laura
by Laura, age 16
read more

Life – by Jessie
By Jessie, age 17
read more

I Am Only Myself – by Kim
By Kim, age 17
read more

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