Feedback & Awards

What Youth Have Said…

  • Outside of this workshop, I would have never have imagined my classmates expressing themselves like that.  I learned a lot about everyone – they had some great information that I didn’t know.  It also made me feel happy because it lets me know that they understand this type of violence and wouldn’t try to hurt me.
  • I will make sure that I know my friends wants, and ask before I do things.  Also, I will make sure I have consent to do anything before I do it.
  • I won’t assume the way people are supposed to act based on stereotypes.
  • I learned to respect other people’s choices and accept them for who they are instead of for what they aren’t.
  • I’ll approach relationships with a non-biased view and… have respect for what each of us wants.
  • I hope that our generation will learn how to positively talk about sexuality and to make everyone comfortable with it by asking for consent.
  • I feel like I could step in when one of [my] friends talks about doing something violent.
  • [Discussing sexualized violence, gender, consent, and positive sexuality] made the topics more real and actually verbally talking about it with you peers leaves a bigger impact than the internet or a pamphlet in most cases.
  • I’ve learned to respect and protect my partner and myself in the relationship.  I need to make sure that we both have the same wants.
  • I got a lot of knowledge in an area that is often kind of pushed aside and ignored until problems come up and we don’t know how to deal with it.
  • I appreciated all the information on positive sexuality, sexual relationships, identifying gender roles, and determining how to be a person who pushes for social change and promoting acceptance.

What Teachers Have Said…

  • This workshop brought taboo, uncomfortable, and historically shameful topics into our group to reveal them as human, shared experiences.
  • Change starts within ourselves – I’ll lead by example!
  • This workshop really opened my eyes and I now hope to be more open minded raising my son.
  • Don’t assume, ask!
  • This can be embarrassing for some people…Project Respect did an amazing job of setting the example of not being embarrassed about it.  Just talking about these subjects in class can reduce the embarrassment of talking about sexualized violence to other people.
  • Love the humor, the personal stories excellent, you are doing an excellent job! My students responded so well to your youth humor, energy and positive approach. Thanks a million!
  • Excellent energy, positive and open respectful attitude towards students. They felt comfortable – a non threatening approach.
  • I didn’t know very much about this before so I definitely learned a lot about consent and when there is or isn’t consent in a situation

What Parents Have Said…

  • “Your professional presentation is a must. Well done! We, as parents, need to look beyond ourselves and what makes us ‘comfortable’ to help in educating our youth.”


  • 2013, Youth Leadership Award – BC Ministry of Justice Crime Prevention Awards
  • 2013, Youth Now Award – Group Volunteer category, United Way of Victoria, awarded to Project Respect Rhizome Youth Social Action Team
  • 2013, Youth Now Award – Youth Worker category, United Way of Victoria, awarded to Prevention Manager Elicia Loiselle
  • 2009, Youth Now Award – Big Change Category, United Way of Victoria, awarded to Prevention Educator Annie Banks
  • 2006, Youth Leadership in Community Safety and Crime Prevention Award, Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General
  • 2004, Women’s Safety Award – Education and Public Awarness, Women in Cities International
  • 2004, Youth Now Award – Group Category, United Way of Victoria
  • 2001, Regional Awareness and Promotion Award, Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General.
  • 2000, Youth Award for Teamwork, C- FAX Community Awards.
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