Our Philosophy

We aim to create discussions and share a positive alternative model of relationships for youth. Our philosophy includes:

  • Respect for this Land: In this work, we are committed to building and maintaining relationships with Indigenous peoples. This begins with first acknowledging the history and ongoing impacts of colonization.
  • Sex positivity: We believe that everyone has the right to sexuality without violence and the right to decide whether, when, and with whom they’ll be sexual.
  • Youth-centeredness: We believe that youth are the experts on their own experience and have ample expertise to share with their peers. We also believe that youth are the drivers of change and that open discussion and honest communication are keys to empowerment.
  • Feminism: We believe that preventing sexualized violence begins with critically exploring damaging and dangerous gender expectations, stereotypes, and labels.
  • Intersectionality: We believe that relationships and sexualized violence are shaped by multiple inequalities and experiences. To prevent sexualized violence, we need to explore power imbalances based on colonialism, racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, and other intersecting expectations and stereotypes.


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