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Rhizome youth social action team

Rhizome is a youth-led social action team (ages 12-21) working together to create community-based action to end sexualized, gender-based, and colonial violence as well as all other intersecting forms of violence. We believe that youth are the experts of their own lives, and Rhizome strives to create a space to explore how these issues are relevant to you. This diverse group of youth are committed to ending violence through cutting-edge, creative projects. It’s a place for youth to share their perspectives, feel empowered, and have fun!

Rhizome aims to create an inclusive space for all youth that is FREE FROM racism, homo+transphobia, sexism, ableism, classism, and other forms of discrimination

If you know any youth that would be interested, we would love it if you chatted with them about this opportunity. They can contact us for more information.

Past events

Rhizome 2013 social action summer day camp

The Rhizome Youth Social Action Team participated in 3 days of discussions, theatre, art and more from August 6-8th in 2013. This free camp was offered to youth 12-21 of any gender.We explored topics such as homophobia, racism, colonialism, and sexualized violence. We allowed youth to take control of their learning environment and be creative with how they wanted to engage the community on these issues. It was an amazing time for  for youth to share their perspectives, feel empowered, and have fun!

Rhizome 2012 social action day camp

From August 7th-11th the Rhizome youth-led social action team created a 3 day camp. The purpose was to meet up and network with other youth from Victoria to explore how sexualized violence happens in their lives and communities, and how we can prevent/end it. Youth learned  to use different forms of multi-media such as film, dance, skillscreening, and spoken word poetry to create social action that addresses sexualized violence in the community.  It was a great time with lots of learning. And there were snacks!