Our Staff Team

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Laura (she/her) is originally from Venezuela and has been in Canada for the last 17 years. She has devoted the last 9 years in the non-profit sector both in BC and AB providing programming and services to individuals and general public on social issues such as sexualized violence, human trafficking, poverty, mental health, and immigrant/refugee services. Laura thrives in working collaboratively and is very proud of the hard work staff and youth put into making Project Respect possible.

Annaléa has over 10 years of experience in program evaluation and youth participatory action research design, implementation and dissemination through her work at community-based research organizations in Alberta and BC, as well as trauma-informed practice working with youth and adults living with mental health issues and disabilities.

Lisa is passionate about supporting community development, youth engagement and leadership. Lisa’s educational background is in Indigenous studies and Conflict Management, and she has extensive experience facilitating decolonial and anti-oppressive programming and strategic change.

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Maggie (she/her) has 4 years of experience in youth sexual health education and thrives in awkward and often taboo settings. She loves learning from and collaborating with youth to improve how we interact in our everyday relationships by talking about consent. She has an academic background in Human Sexuality and Public Health, working in community-based research advocacy with im/migrants to BC.

The black and white Project Respect draft logo.

The black and white Project Respect draft logo.

Past Team Members

Project Respect has continually evolved and deepened its commitment to ending sexualized violence because of the contributions of previous team members: Scott Carlson, Tracey Proverbs, Alex Filippelli, Dean Mang-Wooley, quetzo herejk, Nishad Khanna, Yuka Kurokawa, Jenn Spilsted, Vince Terstappen, Whitney Archer, Tyler Mordan, Gordon O’connor, David Boffa, Billy Yu, Soumya Natarajan, Annie Banks, Paulina Hakkarainen, Susanna Guardado, Tuval Dinner, Jenny Matthews, Romina Miranda, Heidi Exner, Hannah Mang-Wooley, Alyx MacAdams, Anna McClean, Isaac Rosenberg, Kim Smith, Tanille Geib, Astri Jack, Elodie Button, Niko Mumford, Sarah Graham, Jonathan French, Imogen Barr, Elyse Kornhauser, Andres Montiel, Elicia Loiselle and many others!

Thank you to our past and present Project Respect team of educators and volunteers for their time, skills, and commitment to preventing sexualized violence!

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