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Territory Acknowledgement

Our offices are on Lkwungen Territory

Our Centre is located on unceded Coast Salish territories and our work takes place in various places on Lkwungen Land and with its people. We support and work with local Indigenous communities as well as those who are settlers on this land.

We recognize that we cannot participate in anti- sexualized violence and trauma work without realizing the role of colonialism is a root cause in the creation of and on-going violence. We also recognize that as the majority of our staff and volunteers are not Indigenous and that it is currently difficult, if not impossible, to do our work outside of a settler lens or a colonial framework. There is much for us to learn and many relationships for us to continue building. We are thankful for the opportunity to begin building relationships with local Indigenous communities and including our partnership with the Victoria Native Friendship Centre (VNFC). Through the VNFC we are able to hold space for Indigenous survivors to use our services, and we intend to continue to learn and grow in how to take an anti-colonial and inclusive approach to the work we do.