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What We Offer: School Based Prevention Projects

School-based Respect Workshops

Project Respect offers a two-part workshop for youth 12-21. The workshop, led by a diversely-gendered team of facilitators, engages youth in exploring the root causes of gender-based violence and thinking critically about messages they receive from the media and their peers about sexuality and violence.

Using fun games, discussion, and other tools youth learn how to identify and communicate sexual boundaries and learn why asking for consent and challenging gender stereotypes is key to creating positive and equal relationships. The workshops affirm the importance of self-determination – that every person has the right to define their sexuality and set their own limits and it is every person’s responsibility to respect the limits of others.

The workshops are designed to be delivered to youth in a classroom or community setting on consecutive days or weeks, but the program can be adapted to meet specific group needs. We often do full grades of schools, which requires a month or more notice for scheduling.  Please contact us if you have questions about the workshops, want us to cater our workshops to the needs of your school community, or have any questions!

Shift Project

Shift Project is part of a national network of projects, funded in large part by the Canadian Women’s Foundation, that are focused on creating responsive, school-based, youth-led social action toward ending violence and creating positive relationships in young people’s lives and communities.  Project Respect is facilitating Shift Project in two Greater Victoria schools over four years from 2013-2017. In each of these schools each year, Project Respect works with students over 12 sessions to explore the issues related to gender-based violence that are most relevant to them and supports the group to develop social action in their school and/or wider community to address the problem. Students who participate in one year have the opportunity to help plan and facilitate the project the following year.

Safer Spaces Project: Pro-D for Teachers and Youth Service Providers

Project Respect’s youth-adult team developed and facilitates workshops for educators, school administration and youth service providers! These workshops use discussion, role plays, multimedia resources and other exercises to create a comfortable space for adults who work with youth to learn how to challenge gender stereotypes, and to develop the knowledge and language to be active bystanders and create safe and inclusive environments.  Teachers, service providers, schools and organizations can request these workshops at any time: contact us!

Community-based Prevention Projects

Youth Addressing Online Harassment Summer & Fall 2018 Camp

In the summer of 2018, Project Respect brought together a bunch of youth to chat about the awesomes and not-so-awesomes of life online. These young folks are the next leaders at Project Respect, working towards organizing our youth social action camp this fall, Oct 18-20. At the social action camp this fall we’ll hang out and chat, use theatre, creative writing, and other fun activities to explore elements of youth online lives. We’ll explore cyberbullying and online harassment, as well as how to ensure the virtual world is a great place socially — maybe we’ll make videos or other online resources for other youth, maybe we’ll make sex-positive policy recommendations for our local school districts. Who knows!? It’ll be up to whoever shows up to figure out exactly what will emerge.

Stay tuned to our blog for updates! We’ll have openings for youth wanting to be involved in helping organize the camp, as well as for camp participants. Be in touch if you’d like to be involved!

Top Left:

It’s called Top Left because that’s where the heart is. Top Left is a youth-led movement focused on involving more boys and young men in working to end violence against girls, women, and trans people.  Top Left is a national project, funded in large part by the Ministry of the Status of Women. It’s happening in four sites across the country: Project Respect in Greater Victoria, Neighborhood Youth Co-op in Saskatoon, The Students Commission in Toronto, and the Youth Center in Miramichi, New Brunswick. Youth are gathering in their local communities to identify how and why gender-based violence is happening and what action they want to take to address it. Young people from the four project sites also have the opportunity to meet together at national conferences hosted by the Students Commission of Canada, such as the Unite and Ignite Conference coming up at the end of March 2014. From March 7-9, 2014 we had the Project Respect Top Left youth conference in Sooke, BC on the ancestral homelands of the T’Souke Nation. Check out the VSAC blog for photos and news about what happened at the conference and what the Top Left youth team is doing in the community throughout 2014!

If you’re a young person 12-21 years old who wants to be involved with any of our projects, join Project Respect’s Rhizome Youth Social Action Team facebook group.