Project Respect offers a two-session Gender and Consent workshop for youth ages 12-19. The workshop, led by a diverse team of facilitators, engages youth in exploring the root causes of gender-based violence and thinking critically about messages they receive from the media and their peers about sexuality and violence. Our workshops are relevant for young people of all genders and sexual orientations, whether they are sexually active or not. We also offer a safer spaces workshop for school staff and youth service providers.

The workshops are designed to be delivered to youth in a classroom or community setting on consecutive days or weeks, but the program can be adapted to meet specific group needs. We often do full grades of schools, which requires a month or more notice for scheduling.

Currently, Project Respect is focusing on delivering workshops for students in Grades 8 to 11 with partner schools. However, each school year we are also able to do a limited number of workshops with other schools and for community groups.

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