Youth Social Action Camp

A group of young people are walking outside of a camping cabin.
A flipchart paper with writing on it on the topic of identity is in the foreground of a group of youth sitting in chairs around tables.
A young person is sitting at a table holding up a collaged image.

For many years, Project Respect has hosted an overnight conference camp for young people. We invite youth from all identities, backgrounds, and experiences to explore how and why sexualized violence happens, and identify social justice issues that are relevant to them. They are supported in creating youth-led and centered social action projects to address the issues relevant to their experiences.

A key theme at camp is exploring youth participatory action research, and creating research methods that center youth’s experiences and perspectives in creating and measuring social change. Youth explore these topics through theatre, art, media, and group discussions, nature walks, campfire circles, canoeing, games, and other activities.

Our youth council is responsible for planning camp – get in touch if you or a youth you know is interested in joining!

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